Disruptive Consumer Robotics Company Blue Frog Robotics Opens its New Wholly Owned Subsidiary Blue Frog Robotics Inc. in The United States to Offer the First Smart, Mobile AND Emotional Robot at Affordable Price Commercially Available to Consumers in North America.

August 5, 2019, Boston, MA - Blue Frog Robotics, a Robotics, A.I, and Automation company committed to creating smart robots with a smile that serve everyone’s needs is pleased to announce the opening of its subsidiary Blue Frog Robotics Inc. in the United States for the launch of “Buddy” the first personal, smart, mobile AND emotional robot at affordable price in the North American market.

The new company will add agility for faster decisions, new opportunities for partnerships and will help sharpen responsive consumer relationships. Founder and CEO Rodolphe Hasselvander says the expansion will be beneficial to future clients, as Blue Frog Robotics Inc will concentrate to deliver its innovative robots and apps, in a timely matter, through more direct connections with its American and Canadian consumers.

“Establishing ourselves in Boston is an exciting time for Buddy our emotional robot,” says Hasselvander. “Supported by Boston robotics ecosystem and some of the best consultants and technical minds in the United States, Buddy has so much to offer.”

The company’s business model combines hardware, software, and services, providing a game-changing convenience for consumers, organizations, and developers.
Affordable, mobile, smart, emotional and upgradeable, Buddy is the best home life companion robot. For companies, he offers new and improved ways of building relationships with their customers via powerful new engagement dynamics such as: wonder, deep personalization, proactivity, personality, and purpose. Furthermore, developers will be able to use Buddy platform curated ecosystem, in order to easily create mobile applications and skills that can interact with the robot as well as market them profitably.

Blue Frog Robotics Inc,

will manage sales and operations of “Buddy” in the United States as well as Global Branding, partnerships and business development.
The head office is located in MassRobotics, the innovation hub for robotics and connected devices in the Boston Area.

About Blue Frog Robotics

Blue Frog Robotics is a cutting edge robot company based in France and in the United States. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, computer vision, natural language processing, and gesture controls, the company is changing the way personal robots are used in homes.

The pioneering Blue Frog robotics company brilliantly innovated a personal robot that benefits everyday people's lives with the main understanding that consumers want tech to free them from life’s tediousness and help them focus on what matters.,. With some of the brightest and respected minds in robotics, artificial intelligence, and engineering, we invented Buddy, an affordable, intelligent and emotional robot, offering owners a reliable, robust and fun companion. With his multi-purpose brain, he addresses a broad range of needs in modern-day life such as: keeping a home safe carrying out his owners‘ daily activities, helping people with disabilities and educating children, entertaining guests and finally just being a true robot friend. Buddy is a disruptive innovative robot that is about to transform the way we live, learn, utilize information, play, and even care for our health.

About Buddy, Your Emotional Robot

Buddy is an emotional companion and robot assistant. His mission is to help his owners to better manage their life and the space they live in.

He has been created to become the most advanced home companion and assistant robot possible to help and entertain anyone that needs him.

To find out more about Blue Frog Robotics. visit the website at bluefrogrobotics.com
Media Contact: Laurence Duarte, ld@bluefrogrobotics.com

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